The Reeducation Of Tony Orlando Roxxie Moth Reins In Wayward

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Roxxie Moth 26
Tony Orlando
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Probation Officer Roxxie Moth knows how to deal with negligent behavior of her charges and today one Tony Orlando is in for some strict reeducation. Tonys been breaking curfew, late to check in, and is still struggling to find a job. If he wants to stay out of jail, Tonys going to need to learn some discipline and Ms. Moth is just the person to keep him in line. She makes him get on his knees and spits on his face. She tells him shes going to need a drug test. Tony hesitates but doesnt want to lose what freedom he has. He obliges, hoping this will satisfy Ms. Moth, but she isnt done yet. She rips Tonys tank and places clothes pins from his nipples to his hips. Tony moans in pain as she plays with them, each movement tugging on his sensitive skin. She then commands him to take off her stockings. Tony removes them and cant help himself from smelling her feet. Ms. Moth shoves her feet into his mouth and Tony lavishes them with attention. Next, she puts him over her knee and delivers a swift spanking with her bare hands. Tonys ass reddens nicely and soon Ms. Moth brings out a leather paddle to further Tonys disciplinary spanking. Now that Tony knows his place, Roxxie commands

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